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SMSF Super Fund Structure & Legal Requirements

This can be a complicated issue. There are trusts involved, and legal matters that need to be professionally handled so that your super fund is compliant and 100% correct.

AAFS has the necessary resources and staff to ensure that the legal and financial side of a Self Managed Super Fund is simple to manage for you.

Is Super something you think about today?

For most people – generally not. And we maintain that you don’t want to have to constantly think about this legal and structural side of self managed superannuation. Make it our job to look after all the legal & structural requirements. This makes for a better investment for you, as you can focus on the investment goals themselves.

Compliant Self Managed Superannuation

We set up the structure, and arrange the legal aspects so that you are totally compliant with your Self Managed Super Fund. The complete structure and legal aspects are easily explained by our experienced staff, who are always available to answer your questions.

All you need to worry about is a bank account – as part of the AAFS package our accountants look after the accounting side, our legal experts look after the legal side. And you take control.

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