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Superannuation – Get a solid grip on your future, because it’s coming fast

The person who manages your Super – you know, your life savings – when did they last call you to check up on your plans and future intentions?
And how much in fees did they take from your savings last year again?

An hour a day is put away…

This week, for about one hour out of every day, you will be working solely for the purpose of saving for the future. Your future. That’s a good thing of course – because once you stop or slow down your working life, you’re going to need every cent you saved.

… but where does it all end up?

But who is looking after all that money for you? Your money. Your future. They take their percentage fees each year, regardless of whether their performance is a win, lose, or draw.
Sometimes it is best to take charge of the team yourself. In this case it is your future that depends on the outcome – and you’re already investing an hour every day working towards it. That really is something you should take some responsibility for!

Take a grip on your future and head where you want to go

The financial planning arm of our group will concentrate on teaching you how to invest your own money under your own control, by using a self managed Superannuation Fund. With your own Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) you direct the investments that are made, and can take advantage of opportunities as you see fit. Our legal and structural team will help you ensure that your SMSF is compliant with regulations, and our loan brokerage services can assist you to obtain further funding to enhance your investment capabilities.

You are already working each and every day for “the future”, so when “the future” arrives – and it will – be sure to have arrived under your own control.

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