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Retirement Planning – Afford to relax?

This is where our team specialises, and is what we are all about at AAFS. Our goal is to show you a way to be able to retire wealthy, provide you with the tools to achieve this, and leave you finally able to afford to relax.

Past the Mortgage

When you are thinking past paying off your mortgage, you are almost certainly considering how to be more tax effective with your income. If not, then you should be.

  • Learn how to set up SMSF and take control over your investment future
  • Purchase property, shares and other diversified investments
  • Own your own home sooner and faster, whilst paying less interest to the bank
  • Create a tax effective investment strategy with a long term vision

They won’t give it back…

No-one in business will give you back what you failed to earn due to 30 years of ignoring your long term investment strategy. And you are investing long term already – it’s your super and you are paying into it right now. A little bit every day that you work.

Most Australians don’t even think about superannuation requirements and their long term investment strategy until it is all too late. And once it’s too late, it’s really too late.

So a little thought today can put you and your family in a better position for life. if you have already reached your 30’s or 40’s and reading this, starting to think beyond paying off the house. We at AAFS can really help you retire wealthy and relaxed. Call us now.

… so don’t wait!


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