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What is a Professional Loan Package?

A Professional Loan Package is a special package that is made available to borrowers who are borrowing larger amounts of money. These packages include things such as discounts off the usual interest rates, as well as other useful facilities such as linked credit cards or offset accounts.

The various Banks and other lenders have a vast array of different combinations of features within their professional loan packages. All About Financial Services has extensive experience with the different lenders and their package arrangements. We can assist you in finding the best Professional Loan Package to meet your individual requirements.

Can I get a Professional Loan Package?

If you are borrowing over about $150,000 then most likely you can obtain a Professional Loan Package. These days you no longer need to be classed as a “Professional” by the nature of your work – the loan packages are available to anyone based on the financial strengths of their loan application. We can help find a Professional Loan Package that is best suited to meet your needs.

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