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Effectively Minimise Your Tax

If you’re going to play in this game, then you need to know the best rules to run with.

Government in Australia (and elsewhere) have a continually changing set of rules which create a bias towards the most tax effective investment strategy. Why push your whole life against Government, when doing basically the same thing whilst taking a slightly different approach can achieve a far better outcome?

An appealing taxation perspective?

Investing and managing your long term savings funds within a Self Managed Super Fund can be very appealing for a taxation perspective – put simply, you keep more money, and the Government takes less! Whilst it might sound strange, this is simply the Government biasing investment strategies. The Governement does actually have an interest in you saving effectively for your own future since that means less reliance on Government pensions in the future. So let their rules help you.

Its important that it is set up and operated correctly in accordance with all the necessary rules, from the beginning.

Get the structure right!

If you don’t take experienced and knowledgeable assistance from the start, then you may find your particular structure does not meet the certain specific special Government rules that you need to meet to be able to achieve vast reductions in taxation on your long term savings.

So contact us today and we can discuss investment strategies that not only help you, but have the Government effectively helping you too, by taxing you less!

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