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As we all know we can all obtain Insurance inside our Superannuation.  Did you know that you can also obtain Insurance outside of Superannuation also?

Listed below are a few questions that you may like to ask your Financial Planner when discussing Life Insurance:

Q.  Do I need to undertake a medical examination?

Q.  Can I claim my premiums as a tax deduction?

Q.  If I change employers does my Insurance inside Superannuation cease?

Q.  Can my premiums be deducted from my Superannuation? and if yes what are the benefits?

Q.  If I pay my premiums from my Superannuation are they cheaper?

Q.  If I obtain Insurance inside of Superannuation will the amount of cover be enough?

These are questions that are both pros and cons in regards to obtaining Insurance within or outside your Superannuation Fund.

If this information seems confusing help is at hand.  Make a free no obigation appointment with a Financial Planner today!

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