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Home loans don’t just get easier at AAFS. They get more reassuring too.

Are you a first-home buyer seeking a loan?

Do you need a better understanding of the types of loans available in the market?

Or are you looking for 100% no-deposit loans?

AAFS is the best place to start.

Team AAFS has over 21 years of experience in introducing Australians to the very best home loan solutions. We keep track of the changing trends in the market and ensure you benefit from them, does not matter if its your first home or you are a seasoned investor we will find the best loan product for you

At AAFS, we even possess the know-how when it comes to the following:

Bridging Finance Loans

Relocation Loans

Fixed Rate Loans

Variable Rate Loans

Line-of-credit Loans

Renovation Loans

Construction Loans

Guarantor Home Loans

Split Loans

Superannuation Loans

And if you’re borrowing over $150,000, you can also benefit from a ‘professional loan package’* — a package for borrowers of large sums — which lets you avail discounts and other perks!

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