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First Home Buyer?

This is an ever changing market, especially over the last few years up to 2013. The Federal Government and various State Government grants and concessions for first home buyers has been changing every few years or so.

We keep track of these changes and tell you what you are entitled to.

Don’t miss out on your First Home Buyer Grant

All the other first home buyers at that auction or sale potentially have that Grant. Which means to be on equal footing you need to know – and accurately – exactly what you are entitled to.

It is our business at AAFS to follow the changes to the rules and regulations, and we can advise you as you are looking to purchase your property what grant or rebates (i.e. “free money”) you will be able to receive. And regardless of the overall impact on the market that these grants have, it is important that you do receive what you are entitled to – remember that government grants are simply tax you paid to start with, at the end of the day.

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