Car Finance

Your dreams of owning a four-wheeler become reality at AAFS.

Are you dreaming of owning an SUV roomy enough for the entire family?

Would you like a chattel mortgage on a car you fancy?

Or are you looking to lease a cozy ride?

Would you like to understand what is best for you, leasing, chattel mortgages, balloon payments or car loans ?

Maybe it is time to update your business vehicle. Your in knowledgeable hands at AAFS.

We can help you
achieve all of these.

We’ll take you through the different car finance options:

Personal Loans


Chattel Mortgages

Additions to Current Home Loans

We’ll ensure that whether you’re self-employed and have an ABN or whether you’re an employee of a company, you’re equipped with the very best solution to get you on the road!

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